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'''Boğazkale''' is a district of [[Província de Çorum]] in the [[Regió de la Mar Negra (Turquia)|Regió de la Mar Negra]] de [[Turquia]]. It is located at 87&nbsp;km from the city of [[Çorum]]. Population of the town is about 1,500.<ref>[http://report.tuik.gov.tr/reports/rwservlet?adnksdb2=&report=idari_yapi_09sonrasi.RDF&p_il1=19&p_yil=2009&p_dil=1&desformat=html&ENVID=adnksdb2Env]</ref> The mayor is Ali Rıza Soysat ([[JusticePartit andde Developmentla PartyJustícia (Turkey)i el Desenvolupament|AKP]]).
Formerly known as '''Boğazköy''' or '''Boghazköy''', this small town (basically one street of shops) sits in a rural area on the road from Çorum to [[Yozgat]]. Boğazkale is best known as the site of [[Hattusa]] and [[Yazılıkaya]] and the area attracts visitors in the summer and there are restaurants near the historical sites, and stalls selling local handicrafts.