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m (Correcció tipogràfica: espais sobrants)
|[[Tunis]] 1985:<br/>1. [[Artur Yusupov|Yusupov]], 2. Beliavsky, 3. Portisch,<br/> 4.-5. [[Alexander Chernin|Chernin]]<ref>Gavrikov eliminated after playoff</ref>
| Karpov (seeded in 1987 final)
|1986: 4 players played two rounds of matches;<br/> Yusupov beat Timman ; Sokolov beat Vaganian and Yusupov.
|rowspan="3"| [[World Chess Championship 1990|1987–90]]
| Kasimdzhanov, Leko, Adams,<br/> [[Judith Polgar|J. Polgar]]<br/> (5th-8th of 2005 championship),<br/><br/> Shirov, Bacrot<br/> (on rating)
| [[Elista]]:<br/> May-June 2007<br/>16 players,<br/> two rounds of matches,<br/><br/> 4 players qualify for championship tournament
| Aronian,<br/> Gelfand,<br/> Grischuk,<br/> Leko<ref>Aronian beat A.Shirov ; Leko beat Bareev ; Grischuk beat Rublevsky ; Gelfand beat Kamsky</ref>
| Anand, Svidler, Morozevich (2nd–4th in 2005);<br/><br/>Kramnik<ref>''Topalov'' was replaced by Kramnik (2006 Champion)</ref> (2006 Champion)
| [[Mexico City]]:<br/> September 2007<br/>8 players,<br/> double round robin <br/>1. Anand 9/14<br/>2.-3. Kramnik and Gelfand: 8/14