Usuari Discussió:Loupeter: diferència entre les revisions

→‎Bot flag on frwiki: one more month
(→‎Bot flag on frwiki: secció nova)
m (→‎Bot flag on frwiki: one more month)
Thank you for your comprehension, [[Usuari:Litlok|Litlok]] ([[Usuari Discussió:Litlok|disc.]]) 17:19, 10 jul 2014 (CEST)
:I asked you about one month ago if you wanted to keep the bot flag of your bot on frwiki, but (maybe I have missed something) it seems you have not answered yet. Well, it's summer time... so you still have another month to respond :-) [[Usuari:Litlok|Litlok]] ([[Usuari Discussió:Litlok|disc.]]) 00:20, 12 ago 2014 (CEST)