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[[Fitxer:The University of California UCLA.svg|right|200px|The seal of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)]]
[[Fitxer:RHall.JPG|thumb|Royce Hall, edifici emblemàtic d'UCLA]]
La '''[[Universitat de Califòrnia]] a [[Los Angeles]]''', en [[anglès]]: '''University of California, Los Angeles''', '''UCLA''', és una universitat pública de recerca científica ubicada al barri de [[Westwood (Los Angeles)|Westwood]] de la ciutat de [[Los Angeles]] a [[Califòrnia]], [[Estats Units]].
Va ser fundada l'any 1919 com una branca del sud dins la [[Universitat de Califòrnia]] i es considera com una de les banderes emblemàtiques dins el sistema de la Universitat de Califòrnia,<ref>{{ref-web|url=http://articles.latimes.com/1996-03-21/news/mn-49655_1_ucla-officials/5|títol=UCLA Eased Entry Rules for the Rich, Well-Connected|consulta=2011-05-27 |any=1996|obra=Los Angeles Times|citació="The controversy over private admissions preferences strikes at the heart of the dilemma over how to allocate limited slots for undergraduates. At Berkeley and UCLA, the flagship campuses, the competition is particularly acute, and admissions officers must turn away thousands of qualified applicants each year."}}</ref><ref name="UCLA Campus Profile">{{ref-web|url= http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-uc-tuition-20110509,0,5070335.story |títol=University of California weighs varying tuitions at its 10 campuses |consulta=2011-05-17 |any=2011 |obra=L.A. Times|citació=In contrast, UC has UC Berkeley and UCLA, both often considered flagships, and several other campuses with high national rankings, he and other analysts said }}</ref><ref name="UC Goes Far Afield to Fill Top 2 Jobs">{{ref-web|url=http://www.nytimes.com/1997/03/07/us/university-of-california-goes-far-afield-to-fill-2-top-jobs.html |títol=University of California Goes Far Afield To Fill Top 2 Jobs |consulta=2011-05-21 |any=2011 |obra=The New York Times|citació=The University of California, perhaps the country's premier -- and most troubled -- public university system, announced today that after a nationwide talent search it had finally found new chancellors to run its flagship campuses here and at Berkeley. To head the Los Angeles campus, known as U.C.L.A....}}</ref><ref name="Los Angeles Times">{{ref-web|url=http://articles.latimes.com/2007/dec/11/nation/na-harvard11|títol=THE NATION; Higher-earning families to get a break at Harvard; Tuition will be slashed to 10% of income for those making $180,000 a year or less, making it cheaper than UCLA|consulta=2011-05-20 |any=2007|obra=Los Angeles Times|citació="That means any student that comes from such a family will pay less to attend Harvard than most flagship public universities, including UCLA"}}</ref><ref name="Los Angeles Magazine">{{ref-web|url=http://books.google.com.ph/books?id=010EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA62&dq=Flagship+UC+Campuses&hl=tl&ei=66beTeqiGYiIuAOx3ty9BQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=Flagship%20UC%20Campuses&f=false|títol= How To Get Into the Nations Most Celebrated Colleges|consulta=2011-05-25 |any=2005|obra=Los Angeles Magazine|citació="The Ivy League Schools and their ilk(Stanford) and the flagship UC campuses dominate their lists...and a few other less competitive UC Campuses (San Diego, Santa Barbara, Irvine)as fall-backs." }}</ref> ofereix uns 300 programes de graduat i per sota de graduat en un ampli rang de disciplines i compta amb uns 26.000 estudiants per sota de graduat i uns 11.000 estudiants graduats dels Estats Units i de tot el món.S'especialitza en arts liberals i ciències.