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An information service and alerting service are the basic levels of air traffic service, providing information pertinent to the safe and efficient conduct of flights and alerting the relevant authorities should an aircraft be in distress. These are available to all aircraft through a FIR. Higher levels of Air Traffic Advisory and Control services may be available within certain portions of airspace within a FIR, according to the ICAO class of that portion of airspace (with regard to national regulations), and the existence of a suitably equipped authority to provide the services.
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* [[TerminalCentre de control arearegional]]
*[[Area Control Center]] ([[List of Area Control Centers|list]])
* [[AirCorredor corridoraeri]]
* [[Zona d'identificació de defensa aèria]]
*[[Air Defense Identification Zone]]
* [[AirwayÀrea de (aviation)control]]
* [[ControlCTR area(aeronàutica)]]
* [[Àrea de control terminal]]
*[[Control zone]]
*[[Terminal control area]]
*[[Upper Information Region]]