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The [[Port of London]]'s health authority is also the responsibility of the Corporation, which includes the handling of imported cargo at [[London Heathrow]] airport.<ref>[http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/Corporation/our_services/port_health/ Port Health Authority]</ref> The Corporation oversees the running of the [[Bridge House Trust]], which maintains five key bridges in central London, including [[London Bridge]] and [[Tower Bridge]]. The [[Flag of the City of London|City's flag]] flies over Tower Bridge.<ref>[http://www.britishflags.net/cityoflondon.html britishflags.net- City of London]</ref>
== Educació ==
* West Smithfield Garden - West Smithfield
* Whittington Gardens - College Street o Upper Thames Street
== Security ==
The City's position as the United Kingdom's financial centre and a critical part of the country's economy, contributing about 2,5% of the UK's [[gross national product]],<ref>[http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/Corporation/media_centre/keyfacts.htm Key facts<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> has resulted in it becoming a target for political violence. The [[Provisional IRA]] exploded several [[bomb]]s in the City in the early 1990s, including the [[1993 Bishopsgate bombing]].
The City has many fire risks, including St Paul's Cathedral, The Old Bailey, Mansion House, Smithfields Market, the Bank of England, the Guildhall, Tower 42 (formerly the NatWest Tower) and the Swiss Re Tower. There is one fire station within the City, at Dowgate, with one pumping appliance.<ref name = "zlqtbi">[http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/about_us/media/City_of_London.pdf London Fire Brigade - City of London Profile]</ref> The City relies upon stations in the surrounding London boroughs to support it at some incidents. Within the City the first fire engine is in attendance in roughly five minutes on average, the second when required in a little over five and a half minutes.<ref name = "zlqtbi"/> 1,814 incidents were attended in the City in 2006/2007 - the lowest in Greater London amongst the 32 London boroughs. No one has died in an event arising from a fire in the City in the last four years prior to 2007.<ref name = "zlqtbi"/>
== Gratacels ==
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