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m (espais en encapalaments)
(imatge que no feia res)
| status_system = iucn3.1
| status_ref =<ref name="iucn">{{IUCN2008 | assessors=Jefferson, T.A., Karczmarski, L., Laidre, K., O'Corry-Crowe, G., Reeves, R.R., Rojas-Bracho, L., Secchi, E.R., Slooten, E., Smith, B.D., Wang, J.Y. & Zhou, K.|year=2008|id=13704|títol=Monodon monoceros|consulta=18 desembre 2008}}</ref>
| image = ({{Information| |Description=Narwhales |Source=[ National Institute of Standards and Technology] |Date= |Author= |Permission= |other_versions= }} {{PD-USGov}} Category:Cetacea)
| image = Narwhalsk.jpg