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== Bibliografia ==
* JC Long: Lord Jeffery Amherst: A Soldier of the King, New York, MacMillan, 1933.
* Cappel, Constance, The Smallpox Genocide of the Odawa Tribe at L'Arbre Croche, 1763: The History of a Native American People Lewiston, New York: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2007. {{ISBN |0-7734-5220-6}}.
* Amherst and the conquest of Canada: selected papers from the correspondence of Major-General Jeffrey Amherst while Commander-in-Chief in North America from September 1758 to December 1760 edited by Richard Middleton. Stroud: Sutton Publishing for the Army Records Society, 2003. {{ISBN |0-7509-3142-6}}.
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