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'''Trotskyism''' is the theory of [[Marxism]] as advocated by [[Leon Trotsky]]. Trotsky considered himself an [[Orthodox Marxism|orthodox Marxist]] and [[Bolshevik]]-[[Leninism|Leninist]], arguing for the establishment of a [[vanguard party]]. His politics differed sharply from those of [[Stalinism]], most importantly in declaring the need for an international [[proletarian revolution]] (rather than [[socialism in one country]]) and unwavering support for a true [[dictatorship of the proletariat]] based on democratic principles. Numerous groups around the world continue to describe themselves as Trotskyist, although they have diverse interpretations of Trotsky's writings.{{Fact|date=February 2008}} However, since the 1920's, Trotskyists have failed to lead any successful revolution in any country.
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