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Menys de 10 empleats equival a un vot, aquells qui donen treball de 10 a 50 nomenen a un votant per cada 5 empleats. Si s'emplea a més de 50 persones han de nomenar a 10 votants i un votant addicional per cada 50 empleats després dels 50 primers. Així que empreses d'1 a 10 persones tenen un vot, una empresa de 10 dos vots, una empresa de 50 deu vots i una empresa de 100 onze vots.
The present system is widely seen as undemocratic{{Fact|data= juliol de 2016}}, but adopting a more conventional system would place the 7,800 residents of the City in control of the local planning and other functions of a major financial capital that provides most of its services to hundreds of thousands of non-residents.
Proposals to annex the City to one of the neighbouring [[London borough]]s, possibly the [[City of Westminster]], have not widely been taken seriously. One proposal floated as a possible reform is to allow those who work in the City to each have a direct individual vote, rather than businesses being represented by appointed voters.
In May 2006 the [[Lord Chancellor]] stated to Parliament that the government was minded to examine the issue of City elections at a later date, probably after 2009, in order to assess how the new system has bedded down.<ref>{{cite hansard|house=House of Lords|url=http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200506/cmhansrd/cm060525/wmstext/60525m0050.htm|date= 25 maig 2006|column_start=91WS|column_end=92WS}}</ref>
=== Altres funcions ===
[[Fitxer:Flag of the City of London.svg|thumb|150px|La [[Bandera de Londres]].]]
The Corporation owns and is responsible for a number of locations beyond the boundaries of the City. These include [[Corporation of London open spaces|various open spaces]] (parks, forests and commons) in and around London, including most of [[Epping Forest]] and [[Hampstead Heath]]. Within the City, the Corporation owns and runs the [[Smithfield Market]], but it also owns [[Old Spitalfields Market]] and [[Billingsgate Fish Market]], both of which are within the neighbouring London Borough of [[Tower Hamlets]]. The Corporation also owns and helps fund the [[Old Bailey]] criminal court, despite its use as a central criminal court for [[England and Wales]].
The City has its own independent police force, the [[City of London Police]] - the Corporation is the police authority. The rest of Greater London is policed by the [[Metropolitan Police Service]], based at [[Scotland Yard|New Scotland Yard]].
The City of London has one hospital, [[St Bartholomew's Hospital]]. Founded in 1123 and fondly known as 'Barts', the hospital is at [[Smithfield, London|Smithfield]], and is about to undergo a much-publicised and controversial but long-awaited regeneration.
The City is a major patron of the arts. It oversees the [[Barbican Centre]] and subsidises several important performing arts companies.
The [[Port of London]]'s health authority is also the responsibility of the Corporation, which includes the handling of imported cargo at [[London Heathrow]] airport.<ref>[http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/Corporation/our_services/port_health/ Port Health Authority]</ref> The Corporation oversees the running of the [[Bridge House Trust]], which maintains five key bridges in central London, including [[London Bridge]] and [[Tower Bridge]]. The [[Flag of the City of London|City's flag]] flies over Tower Bridge.<ref>[http://www.britishflags.net/cityoflondon.html britishflags.net- City of London]</ref>
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