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<ref name="Herschel 1787">
{{cite journalref-publicació| doi = 10.1098/rstl.1787.0016| last cognom= Herschel | first nom= W. S.| authorlink enllaçautor= William Herschel| title títol= An Account of the Discovery of Two Satellites Revolving Round the Georgian Planet| journal publicació= Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London| volume volum= 77| pages pàgines= 125–129| year any= 1787| pmid = | pmc = | jstor = 106717| ref = harv}}
<ref name="orbit">
{{ref-web| title títol= Planetary Satellite Mean Orbital Parameters
{{cite web
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<ref name="Thomas 1988">
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<ref name="Jacobson Campbell et al. 1992">
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<ref name="Smith Soderblom et al. 1986">
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<ref name="Karkoschka 2001, Hubble">
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<ref name="Newton Teece 1995">
{{ref-llibre|cognom1= Newton
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<ref name="Grundy Young et al. 2006">
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