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== Biografia ==
AfterDesprés d'haver començat a briefjugar foraya intoescacs over-the-boardsobre playel tauler, heva turnedcanviar toals [[correspondenceescacs chessper correspondència]] ina thecomençaments earlydels 1960s withamb immediateun successèxit immediat (jointva firstempatar placeal inprimer thelloc USSRal CorrespondenceCampionat Championshipper inCorrespondència de la URSS de 1962). HeVa became anesdevenir [[InternationalGran Mestre Correspondenced'escacs Chessper Grandmastercorrespondència]] inel 1966, and would go on to compete in the final of the [[World Correspondence Chess Championship|World Correspondence Championship]] five times. He is best known for being the seventh [[International Correspondence Chess Federation|ICCF]] World Champion, 1972–1976.
For over-the-board play, he was awarded the [[International Master]] title in 1975.<ref>Brace, Edward (1977) ''An Illustrated Dictionary of Chess'', Chartwell, {{ISBN|978-1-55521-394-7}}</ref><ref group="note">A few chess authors indicate the Estrin was awarded the [[Grandmaster (chess)|Grandmaster]] title in 1984 ({{citation