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'''John Charles Frémont''' o '''Fremont''' ( 1813-1890) va ser un explorador i polític estatunidenc. Durant la dècada de 1840 va dirigir quatre expedicions a l'oest nord-americà.<ref>Allan Nevins, ''Frémont, the West's Greatest Adventurer: Being a Biography from Certain Hitherto Unpublished Sources of General John C. Frémont, Together with His Wife, Jessie Benton Frémont, and Some Account of the Period of Expansion which Found a Brilliant Leader in the Pathfinder'' (1928)</ref>
==Epònims de plantes==
Ciutats i poblacions:
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* [[Fremont, Indiana]]
* [[Fremont, Michigan]]
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===Fonts principals===
* First biography: {{ref-llibre|títol=Fremont and '49 |cognom=Dellenbaugh |nom=Frederick S |enllaçautor= |any=1914 |editorial=G.P. Putnam's Sons |lloc=NewNova York |consulta= 24 juliol 2012 |url=https://archive.org/stream/frmontandstorya00dellgoog#page/n10/mode/2up}}
* ''Harper's Weekly'' political cartoon, [https://www.nytimes.com/learning/general/onthisday/harp/0702.html "That's What's the Trouble with John C."]; Fremont's 1864 challenge to Lincoln's re-nomination.
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