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El Draft de l'any [[2004]] de l'[[NBA]] es va celebrar el [[24 de juny]] al [[Madison Square Garden]] de [[Nova York]], als [[Estats Units]]. Els [[Minnesota Timberwolves]] foren exclosos del draft degut a una violació del [[Límit salarial de l'NBA]].
==RoundPrimera oneRonda==
{| style="background:transparent;"
| style="background-color:#FFCC00; border:1px solid #aaaaaa; width:2em;" | *
| = [[NBA All-Star Game|All-Star]]
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! style="background:#DDDDFF;"| PickPosició
! style="background:#DDDDFF;" width="20%"| PlayerJugador
! style="background:#DDDDFF;" width="20%"| NationalityNacionalitat
! style="background:#DDDDFF;" width="35%"| NBAEquip TeamNBA
! style="background:#DDDDFF;" width="25%"| SchoolUniversitat/ClubEquip TeamAnterior
| 1
| bgcolor="#FFCC00"| {{sortname|Dwight|Howard}}* (F/C)
| {{USA}}
| [[Orlando Magic]]
| [[Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy]] <small>([[Atlanta, GA]])</small>
| 2
| <span style="display:none">Okafor, Emeka</span> [[Emeka Okafor]] (F/C)
| {{USA}}
| [[Charlotte Bobcats]] <small>(de [[Los Angeles Clippers|L.A. Clippers]])</small>
| [[Charlotte Bobcats]] <small>(from [[Los Angeles Clippers|L.A. Clippers]])</small><ref name="Clipcats">The Clippers traded #2 pick to the Bobcats for #4 and #33 picks on [[June 21]], [[2004]]. The Bobcats agreed to select [[Predrag Drobnjak]] from the Clippers in the Expansion Selection.<br>{{cite web |url=http://www.usatoday.com/sports/basketball/draft/2004-06-21-draft-roundup_x.htm |title=Bobcats deal with Clippers, move up to No. 2 |accessdate=2007-05-23 |work=USAToday.com }}</ref>
| [[Connecticut Huskies|Connecticut]]
| 3
| <span style="display:none">Gordon, Ben</span> [[Ben Gordon]] (G)
| {{USA}}<br>{{GBR}}
| {{USA}}<br>{{GBR}}<ref>Gordon is eligible to play in [[International Basketball Federation|FIBA]] competition for either the [[United States men's national basketball team|United States]] or [[Great Britain national basketball team|Great Britain]]. Additionally, he can play for [[England national basketball team|England]] in the [[Commonwealth Games]]. His mother lived in London when he was born and he then emigrated to [[Mount Vernon, New York]].<br>{{cite web |url=http://www.suntimes.com/sports/basketball/bulls/340395,CST-SPT-dengside13.article |title=Hey, Ben, U.K. wants you |accessdate=2007-05-26 |work=[[Chicago Sun-Times]]}}</ref>
| [[Chicago Bulls]]
| [[Connecticut Huskies|Connecticut]]
| 4
| <span style="display:none">Livingston, Shaun</span> [[Shaun Livingston]] (PG)
| {{USA}}
| [[Los Angeles Clippers]] <small>(fromde [[Charlotte Bobcats|Charlotte]])</small><ref name="Clipcats" />
| [[Peoria High School (Peoria, Illinois)|Peoria HS]] <small>([[Peoria, Illinois|Peoria, IL]])</small>
| 5
| <span style="display:none">Harris, Devin</span> [[Devin Harris]] (G)
| {{USA}}
| [[Washington Wizards]] <small>(cap a [[Dallas Mavericks|Dallas]])</small>
| [[Washington Wizards]] <small>(traded to [[Dallas Mavericks|Dallas]])</small><ref>The Wizards traded the draft rights to Devin Harris along with [[Christian Laettner]], and [[Jerry Stackhouse]] to the Mavericks for [[Antawn Jamison]] and cash considerations on the draft day.<br>{{cite web |url=http://www.nba.com/mavericks/news/mavs_trade_jamison062404.html |title=Mavs Trade Antawn Jamison to Washington |accessdate=2007-05-23 |work=NBA.com }}</ref>
| [[Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball|Wisconsin]]
| 6
| <span style="display:none">Childress, Josh</span> [[Josh Childress]] (G/F)
| {{USA}}
| [[Atlanta Hawks]]
| 7
| <span style="display:none">Deng, Luol</span> [[Luol Deng]] (SF)
| {{GBR}}
| [[Phoenix Suns]] <small>(cap a [[Chicago Bulls|Chicago]])</small>
| [[Phoenix Suns]] <small>(traded to [[Chicago Bulls|Chicago]])</small><ref name="SunsBulls">The Suns traded #7 pick to the Bulls for a second-round pick (#31), a future first-rounder and $3 million in cash on the draft day.<br>{{cite news |title=Suns trade draft pick |publisher=The Associated Press |date=[[June 24]], [[2004]] |accessdate=2007-05-23 }}</ref>
| [[Duke Blue Devils men's basketball|Duke]]
| 8
| <span style="display:none">Araújo, Rafael</span> [[Rafael Paulo de Lara Araújo|Rafael Araújo]] (C)
| {{BRA}}
| [[Toronto Raptors]]
| 9
| <span style="display:none">Iguodala, Andre</span> [[Andre Iguodala]] (G/F)
| {{USA}}
| [[Philadelphia 76ers]]
| 10
| <span style="display:none">Jackson, Luke</span> [[Luke Jackson (basketball)|Luke Jackson]] (SF)
| {{USA}}
| [[Cleveland Cavaliers]]
| 11
| <span style="display:none">Biedriņš, Andris</span> [[Andris Biedriņš]] (F/C)
| {{LAT}}
| [[Golden State Warriors]]
| [[BK Skonto Riga]] <small>(Latvia)</small>
| 12
| <span style="display:none">Swift, Robert</span> [[Robert Swift]] (C)
| {{USA}}
| [[Seattle SuperSonics]]
| [[Bakersfield High School|Bakersfield HS]] <small>([[Bakersfield, California|Bakersfield, CA]])</small>
| 13
| <span style="display:none">Telfair, Sebastian</span> [[Sebastian Telfair]] (PG)
| {{USA}}
| [[Portland Trail Blazers]]
| [[Abraham Lincoln High School (New York)|Lincoln HS]] <small>([[Brooklyn, New York|Brooklyn, NY]])</small>
| 14
| <span style="display:none">Humphries, Kris</span> [[Kris Humphries]] (F)
| {{USA}}
| [[Utah Jazz]]
| 15
| <span style="display:none">Jefferson, Al</span> [[Al Jefferson]] (PF)
| {{USA}}
| [[Boston Celtics]]
| [[Prentiss High School <small>([[Prentiss, Mississippi|Prentiss, MS]])</small>
| 16
| <span style="display:none">Snyder, Kirk</span> [[Kirk Snyder]] (SG)
| {{USA}}
| [[Utah Jazz]] <small>(de [[New York Knicks|New York]] via [[Phoenix Suns|Phoenix]])</small>
| [[Utah Jazz]] <small>(from [[New York Knicks|New York]] via [[Phoenix Suns|Phoenix]])</small><ref>The Knicks traded this pick along with [[Antonio McDyess]], [[Howard Eisley]], [[Charlie Ward]], [[Maciej Lampe]], the rights to [[Milos Vujanic]] and a future first-round pick (protected through 2010) to the Suns for [[Stephon Marbury]], [[Penny Hardaway]] and [[Cezary Trybanski]] on [[January 5]], [[2004]].<br>{{cite news |first=Chris |last=Sheridan |title=Marbury traded to Knicks |publisher=The Associated Press |date=[[January 5]], [[2004]] |accessdate=2007-05-23 }}<br>The Suns traded this pick along with [[Tom Gugliotta]], future first-round pick (acquired from New York and is protected through 2010) and cash considerations to the Jazz for [[Keon Clark]] and [[Ben Handlogten]] on [[February 19]], [[2004]].<br>{{cite news |title=Jazz send Clark, Handlogten to Suns for Gugliotta |publisher=The Associated Press |date=[[February 19]], [[2004]] |accessdate=2007-05-23 }}</ref>
| [[Nevada Wolf Pack men's basketball|Nevada]]
| 17
| <span style="display:none">Smith, Josh</span> [[Josh Smith]] (SF)
| {{USA}}
| [[Atlanta Hawks]] <small>(de [[Milwaukee Bucks|Milwaukee]] via [[Denver Nuggets|Denver]] i [[Detroit Pistons|Detroit]])</small>
| [[Atlanta Hawks]] <small>(from [[Milwaukee Bucks|Milwaukee]] via [[Denver Nuggets|Denver]] and [[Detroit Pistons|Detroit]])</small><ref>The Bucks traded this pick along with [[Scott Williams]] to the Nuggets for [[Kevin Willis]] and [[Aleksandar Radojevic]] on [[October 22]], [[2001]]. As part of the trade, the Bucks traded Kevin Willis to the Rockets for a future second-round pick (#39 in the 2006 NBA draft).<br>{{cite web |url=http://www2.jsonline.com/sports/buck/oct01/bucks23s1102301.asp |title=Bucks trade Williams |accessdate=2007-05-24 |work=[[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]]}}<br>The Nuggets traded this pick along with [[Don Reid]] and [[Mengke Bateer]] to the Pistons for [[Rodney White]] on [[October 1]], [[2002]].<br>{{cite web |url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2002/10/01/nuggets-pistons021001.html |title=Rodney White traded to Nuggets |accessdate=2007-05-24 |work=CBC.ca}}</ref><ref name="3teamer" />
| [[Oak Hill Academy (Virginia)|Oak Hill Academy]] <small>([[Mouth of Wilson, Virginia|Mouth of Wilson, VA]])</small>
| 18
| <span style="display:none">Smith, J. R.</span> [[J.R. Smith]] (SG)
| {{USA}}
| [[New Orleans Hornets]]
| [[Saint Benedict's Preparatory School|St. Benedict's Prep]] <small>([[Newark, New Jersey|Newark, NJ]])</small>
| 19
| <span style="display:none">Wright, Dorell</span> [[Dorell Wright]] (SF)
| {{USA}}
| [[Miami Heat]]