Usuari Discussió:Palaangelino: diferència entre les revisions

Benvinguts a CA:VP. Any help you need you can ask me, in English or Turkish. Thank you very much for putting an order to the refs at [[AYDEED]], an article I initiated. Can I possibly hope your similar contributions at [[Asuman Baytop]]? These -maybe simple- things like ref templates etc seem too complicated to me, a user who uses two fingers to write and is almost computer-disabled. Thanks and welcome again. --[[Usuari:E4024|E4024]] ([[Usuari Discussió:E4024|disc.]]) 15:26, 29 nov 2020 (CET)
:Of course. Thanks for reaching out. I'm doing it right now. --[[Usuari:Palaangelino|Palaangelino]] ([[Usuari Discussió:Palaangelino#top|disc.]]) 15:41, 29 nov 2020 (CET)
::I'm trying my best to be available. If you want more ref edits or anything else, you can bring them to my talk page without hesitation. --[[Usuari:Palaangelino|Palaangelino]] ([[Usuari Discussió:Palaangelino#top|disc.]]) 04:00, 4 des 2020 (CET)