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Programa utilitzat: PyWikipediaBot
Altres bots: Please rename my former bot, MWBot to the new name which it uses on several other wikis currently, Diego Grez Bot. See [ SulUtil] Flagged at big wikis such as en.wikipedia, en.wiktionary, en.wikinews, ca.wikinews, etc. Runs only for interwikis and fixing double redirects.
--[[Fitxer:Coat of arms of Pichilemu.svg|16px|link=Usuari:Diego Grez|Escudo de Pichilemu.]] [[Usuari:Diego Grez|Didac Grez]] <sup>[[Usuari Discussió:Diego Grez|parlem!]]</sup> 00:04, 31 oct 2010 (CEST)