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{{Traducció|en|I Walk the Line}}
{{other uses|I Walk the Line (film)}}
{{other uses|I Walk the Line (film)}}
{{Infobox single <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->
{{Infobox single <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->
| Name = I Walk the Line
| Cover = WalkTheLine1956.jpg
| Artist = [[Johnny Cash]]
| from Album = [[I Walk the Line (album)|I Walk the Line]]
| B-side = "[[Get Rhythm]]"
| Released = May 1, 1956
| Format = [[Single (music)|7" single]]
| Recorded = April 2, 1956
| Genre = [[Country music|Country]]
| Length = 2:45
| Label = [[Sun Records]]
| Writer = Johnny Cash
| Producer = [[Sam Phillips]]
| Certification =
| Chart position =
| Last single = "[[Folsom Prison Blues]]" <br> (1955)
| This single = '''I Walk the Line'''" <br> (1956)
| Next single = "There You Go" <br> (1956)
| Misc =
{{listen|filename=WalktheLine.ogg|title="I Walk the Line" excerpt|description=From the album ''[[With His Hot and Blue Guitar]]'' (1957)|format=[[Ogg]]}}
{{listen|filename=WalktheLine.ogg|title="I Walk the Line" excerpt|description=From the album ''[[With His Hot and Blue Guitar]]'' (1957)|format=[[Ogg]]}}
"'''I Walk the Line'''" isés auna songcançó writtenescrita byper [[Johnny Cash]] andi recordedenregistrada inel 1956. ItLa wastocava performed with theamb helpl'ajuda ofde Marshall Grant andi Luther Perkins, twodos mechanicsmecànics thatque hisel brotherseu introducedgermà himli tova followingpresentar hisdesprés dischargede fromllicenciar-se thede Airles ForceForces Aèries. Cash andi la hisseva wifemuller, Vivian wereestaven livingvivint ina Memphis, Tennessee ata the timel'època. Cash becameera theel frontlíder mandel forgrup thei groupva andpresentar precipitated theals introductionaltres of the group tomembres [[Sam Phillips]] ofde [[Sun Records]]. InEl 1955 theycomençaven begana recordingenregistrar undersota thel'etiqueta de [[Sun labelRecords]]. AfterDesprés threede attemptstres withintents moderateamb chartíndexs ratings d’audiència moderats, "I Walk the Line" becamees theva convertir en un hit firstnúmero numberu oneal [[Billboard charts|Billboard]] hit for the group. TheEl single remainedromania onal the record[[Billboard charts|Billboard]] durant formés overde 43 weekssetmanes, andi soldse’n overvenien sobre 2 millionmilions copiesde còpies.<refRef>Johnny Cash Johnny - BiographyBiografia." CMTCmt.com. MTVMtv Networks. Web. http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/cash_johnny/bio.jhtml| Retrieved onConsulta 2010-07-11 </ref>.
'''Camino la Línia''' " és una cançó escrita per [[Johnny Cash]] i enregistrada el 1956. Es realitzava amb l'ajuda de Marshall Grant i Luther Perkins, dues mecànica que el seu germà el presentava a seguir la seva descàrrega de l'Air Force. Efectiu i la seva muller, Vivian estava vivint a Memphis, Tennessee a l'època. L'efectiu convenia a l'home del davant per al grup i precipitava la introducció del grup a [[Sam Phillips]] de [[Registres De]] SOL. El 1955 començaven a enregistrar sota l'etiqueta de Sol. Després de tres intents amb índexs de carta moderats, "Camino la Línia" convertia el primer número que una [[Tanca publicitària]] colpia per al grup. El single romania a les cartes de registre durant més de 43 setmanes, i es venia sobre 2 milions de còpies.<Ref>Efectiu Johnny - Biografia." Cmt.com. Mtv Networks. Web. http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/cash_johnny/bio.jhtml| Recuperat en 2010-07-11 </ref>
==Background of Song==
== Fons de Cançó ==
The unique [[chord progression]] for the song was inspired by an accidental backwards playback of guitar runs on Cash's tape recorder while he was in the Air Force stationed in Germany. Later in a telephone interview, Cash stated, “I wrote the song backstage one night in 1956 in [[Gladewater, Texas]]. I was newly married at the time, and I suppose I was laying out my pledge of devotion."<ref>Horstman, Dorothy (1976). ''Sing Your Heart Out, Country Boy'', Country Music Foundation. p. 144.</ref> After the writing of the song Cash had a discussion with fellow performer [[Carl Perkins]] who encouraged him to adopt "I Walk the Line" as the song title. Cash originally intended the song as a slow ballad, but producer [[Sam Phillips]] preferred a faster arrangement,<ref>[[Marshall Grant|Grant, Marshall]] (2006). ''I Was There When It Happened: My Life With Johnny Cash'', Cumberland House Publishing. p. 54.</ref> which Cash grew to like as the uptempo recording met with success.
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