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{{Traducció|en|I Walk the Line}}
{{other uses|I Walk the Line (film)}}
{{other uses|I Walk the Line (film)}}
{{Infobox single <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->
{{Infobox single <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->
| Name = I Walk the Line
| Cover = WalkTheLine1956.jpg
| Artist = [[Johnny Cash]]
| from Album = [[I Walk the Line (album)|I Walk the Line]]
| B-side = "[[Get Rhythm]]"
| Released = May 1, 1956
| Format = [[Single (music)|7" single]]
| Recorded = April 2, 1956
| Genre = [[Country music|Country]]
| Length = 2:45
| Label = [[Sun Records]]
| Writer = Johnny Cash
| Producer = [[Sam Phillips]]
| Certification =
| Chart position =
| Last single = "[[Folsom Prison Blues]]" <br> (1955)
| This single = '''I Walk the Line'''" <br> (1956)
| Next single = "There You Go" <br> (1956)
| Misc =
{{listen|filename=WalktheLine.ogg|title="I Walk the Line" excerpt|description=From the album ''[[With His Hot and Blue Guitar]]'' (1957)|format=[[Ogg]]}}
{{listen|filename=WalktheLine.ogg|title="I Walk the Line" excerpt|description=From the album ''[[With His Hot and Blue Guitar]]'' (1957)|format=[[Ogg]]}}
"'''I Walk the Line'''" ésis unaa cançósong escritawritten perby [[Johnny Cash]] iand enregistradarecorded elin 1956. LaIt tocavawas ambperformed with the l'ajudahelp deof Marshall Grant iand Luther Perkins, dostwo mecànicsmechanics quethat elhis seubrother germàintroduced lihim vato presentarfollowing despréshis dedischarge llicenciar-sefrom dethe lesAir Forces AèriesForce. Cash i laand sevahis mullerwife, Vivian estavenwere vivintliving ain Memphis, Tennessee aat l'èpocathe time. Cash erabecame elthe líderfront delman grupfor ithe vagroup presentarand alsprecipitated the altresintroduction membresof the group to [[Sam Phillips]] deof [[Sun Records]]. ElIn 1955 començaventhey abegan enregistrarrecording sotaunder l'etiquetathe de [[Sun Records]]label. DesprésAfter dethree tresattempts intentswith ambmoderate índexschart d’audiència moderatsratings, "I Walk the Line" esbecame va convertir en un hitthe númerofirst unumber alone [[Billboard charts|Billboard]] hit for the group. ElThe single romaniaremained alon [[Billboardthe charts|Billboard]]record durantcharts mésfor deover 43 setmanesweeks, iand se’nsold venien sobreover 2 milionsmillion de còpiescopies.<Refref>Johnny Cash Johnny - BiografiaBiography." CmtCMT.com. MtvMTV Networks. Web. http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/cash_johnny/bio.jhtml| ConsultaRetrieved on 2010-07-11 </ref>.
'''Camino la Línia''' " és una cançó escrita per [[Johnny Cash]] i enregistrada el 1956. Es realitzava amb l'ajuda de Marshall Grant i Luther Perkins, dues mecànica que el seu germà el presentava a seguir la seva descàrrega de l'Air Force. Efectiu i la seva muller, Vivian estava vivint a Memphis, Tennessee a l'època. L'efectiu convenia a l'home del davant per al grup i precipitava la introducció del grup a [[Sam Phillips]] de [[Registres De]] SOL. El 1955 començaven a enregistrar sota l'etiqueta de Sol. Després de tres intents amb índexs de carta moderats, "Camino la Línia" convertia el primer número que una [[Tanca publicitària]] colpia per al grup. El single romania a les cartes de registre durant més de 43 setmanes, i es venia sobre 2 milions de còpies.<Ref>Efectiu Johnny - Biografia." Cmt.com. Mtv Networks. Web. http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/cash_johnny/bio.jhtml| Recuperat en 2010-07-11 </ref>
==Background of Song==
== Fons de Cançó ==
The unique [[chord progression]] for the song was inspired by an accidental backwards playback of guitar runs on Cash's tape recorder while he was in the Air Force stationed in Germany. Later in a telephone interview, Cash stated, “I wrote the song backstage one night in 1956 in [[Gladewater, Texas]]. I was newly married at the time, and I suppose I was laying out my pledge of devotion."<ref>Horstman, Dorothy (1976). ''Sing Your Heart Out, Country Boy'', Country Music Foundation. p. 144.</ref> After the writing of the song Cash had a discussion with fellow performer [[Carl Perkins]] who encouraged him to adopt "I Walk the Line" as the song title. Cash originally intended the song as a slow ballad, but producer [[Sam Phillips]] preferred a faster arrangement,<ref>[[Marshall Grant|Grant, Marshall]] (2006). ''I Was There When It Happened: My Life With Johnny Cash'', Cumberland House Publishing. p. 54.</ref> which Cash grew to like as the uptempo recording met with success.