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{{ for .3. the mathematician .3. Diophantus}} ..
((((( Diophantus ))))) ({{ lang-el .3. &#916;&#953;&#972;&#966;&#945;&#957;&#964;&#959;&#962;}}) , son of Asclepiodorus , of SINOPE , was a general in the service of MITHRIDATES VI of PONTUS. Diophantus was active in Mithridates' campaigns in the BOSPORAN KINGDOM and elsewhere around the BLACK SEA , although their chronology is disputed. An inscription found during the excavations in CHERSONESOS glorifies Diophantus as "the first foreign invader to conquer the Scythians". <ref>. McGing , Brian Charles. (( The Foreign Policy of Mithridates Vi Eupator , King of Pontus )) . Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers , 1986 (Isbn 90-04-07591-7) , p.&nbsp ;51. </ref>. ..
During his first Crimean expedition , he relieved the siege of Chersonesos by the Scythian king PALACUS and subdued his allies , the TAURI. He finished this campaign at SCYTHIAN NEAPOLIS. During the second campaign , Diophantus checked another invasion of the Scythians , who had joined their forces with the RHOXOLANOI under TASIUS. At one point during these campaigns he established a stronghold at EUPATORIUM on the eastern shore of the Crimea. ..