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[[File:Agencia t. colon..JPG|thumb|225px|Tax Agency of the [[Port of Barcelona]].]]
The port of Barcelona was born while the city of Barcelona as a natural port located on a beach that was among a small peninsula that formed the mountain [[Montjuic (Barcelona) | Montjuic]], and the old mouth of the river [[Llobregat]]. This was the only point that could be used minimally protected ancient mariners for many miles of coastline. Over the centuries, the city and its port were gaining in importance, to become the maritime capital of the kings of Aragon.[[File:Barcelona Docks Panorama.jpg|thumb|left|Panorama of the Port Vell with the [[World Trade Center Barcelona| World Trade Center]] building and the monument of Colon.]] Despite that the port remained south of the mountain [[Montjuic (Barcelona) | Montjuic]] until the year 1378 the city authorities asked the Pedro IV of Aragon to continue the work that began on Pedro port III of Aragon, who had ordered the building of Barcelona Drassanes ("yards" in Catalan), which even today still stand forming the Barcelona Maritime Museum and the construction of a port north of the mountain Montjuic, because the old site had lost depth by the accumulation of sand. Permission to build the new artificial harbor opposite the town came the December 8, 1438, by order of Alfonso V the Magnanimous. Unfortunately, a decade after the storms had destroyed all the work, and it was not until 1477, under the reign of Juan II of Aragon, which was placed what would be the cornerstone of the doors permanently. He joined the former island to the mainland by Maians a breakwater. With the successive enlargements of the port, and the accumulation of sand, the island has been joined to the mainland to form the land where now stands the district of [[Barceloneta]].
[[File:Monument a Colom, Barcelona, Spain - Jan 07.jpg|thumb|120px|[[Columbus Monument, Barcelona]]]]
Some tourist sites of the port are:
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| caption1 = [[Hotel Vela]]
[[File: | image2 = Monument a Colom, Barcelona, Spain - Jan 07.jpg|thumb|120px|[[Columbus Monument, Barcelona]]]]
| width2 = 96
| caption2 = [[Columbus Monument, Barcelona]]
| image3 = Fale - Barcellona - 36.jpg
| width3 = 230
| caption3 = Torre del Rellotge
* [[Torre Jaume I]].
* [[Torre Sant Sebastià]].
* [[General Captaincy]].
* Military Command.
* Torre del Rellotge
* Porta d'Europa.