Diferència entre revisions de la pàgina «Girínids»

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| subordo = [[Adephaga]]
| familia = '''Gyrinidae'''
| familia_authority = [[Pierre André Latreille|Latreille]], [[1810]]
| subdivision_ranks = Subfamilias<ref>Lawrence, J. F. & Newton, A. F., Jr. 1995. ''Families and subfamilies of Coleoptera (with selectes genera, notes, references and data on family-group names).'' In: Pakaluk y Slipinski (Eds.). Biology, phylogeny and classification of Coleoptera: Papers celebrating the 80th birthday of Roy A. Crowson. Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii PAN, Warszawa. Pp. 779-1006. ISBN 83-85192-34-4.</ref>
| subdivision =