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| species = P. aurotaenia
| binomial = ''Phyllobates aurotaenia''<ref>[http://taxonomicon.taxonomy.nl/TaxonTree.aspx?id=137950&tree=0.1 The Taxonomicon] {{en}}</ref>
| binomial_authority = {{mida|85%|([[George Albert Boulenger|Boulenger]], [[1913]])}}<ref>Boulenger, [[1913]]: On a collection of batrachians and reptiles made by Dr. H. G. F. Spurell, F. Z. S. in the Choco, Colombia. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, vol. 1913, p. 1019-1038. </ref><ref>[http://www.catalogueoflife.org/show_species_details.php?record_id=3845953 Catalogue of Life] {{en}}</ref><ref>[http://www.biolib.cz/en/taxon/id128791/ BioLib] {{en}}</ref>
| range_map =
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