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|align=left|Regne Unit||6,200,000{{mn|Gilbert|2}}||885,138<ref>UK and [[Crown Colonies]] casualties<br />Included in total are 624,000 killed or missing in action and died of wounds{{mn|Urlanis|6,85}}.<br />The [[Commonwealth War Graves Commission]] Annual Report 2005-2006 is the source of total military dead.{{mn|CWWG|4}}<br />Military dead total includes 34,663 deaths during 1919-21 and 13,632 [[Merchant Navy]] deaths{{mn|CWGC|5}}. The losses of Newfoundland are listed separately on this table. The 1922 [[War Office]] report listed 702,410 war dead for the UK{{mn|UK|1,237}}, 507 from "Other colonies"{{mn|UK|1,237}} and the [[Royal Navy]] (32,287){{mn|UK|1,339}}.<br /> The [[Merchant Navy]] losses of 14,661 were listed separately {{mn|UK|1,339}}; The 1922 [[War Office]] report detailed the deaths of 310 military personnel due to air and sea bombardment of the UK{{mn|UK|1,674-678}}. </ref>||1,663,435||2,548,573||41% <!--Please do not change casualty numbers without discussion-->
|align=left|Estats Units||4,355,000{{mn|Tucker|3|172}}||116,708<ref>United States casualties<br />Official military war deaths listed by the US Dept. of Defense for the period ending Dec. 31, 1918 are 116,516; which includes 53,402 battle deaths and 63,114 other deaths.[{{citar web|url=http://siadapp.dior.whs.mil/personnel/CASUALTY/WCPRINCIPAL.pdf]|títol=PDF<!--Títol generat per bot-->}}, The US Coast Guard lost an additional 192 dead {{mn|Clodfelter|11,481}}.</ref>||205,690||322,398||7% <!--Please do not change casualty numbers without discussion-->
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|align=left|''Total ''||42,243,214||5,691,241||12,809,280||18,500,521||44% <!--Please do not change casualty numbers without discussion-->
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