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Aquesta plantilla s'utilitza per inserir un avís negatiu o d'anar amb compte, ràpidament i fàcil, amb una alta visibilitat (perquè és de color vermell) a les pàgines del projecte i discussió (com la frase següent). Aquesta plantilla no es pot utilitzar en els articles. In situations where color is not relevant (color blindness, screen readers, etc.), it renders exactly the same as {{strong}} (to which it is a CSS-styled call). This template is only for use in template documentation, guidelines and other Wikipedia-internal purposes. It is the opposite of the {{stronggood}} template.

{{strongbad|text to be emphasized}}

or, if the text to be emphasized contains an equals sign:

{{strongbad|1=text to be emphasized}}

These both render as:

text to be emphasized

It is safest to always use the |1= syntax.

This template puts intentional and explicit <strong>...</strong> (strong emphasis) [X]HTML markup around the text provided as the first parameter.

Because some people are color blind, and some use screen readers, this template should not be used in a manner in which only the color indicates the difference between the content being marked up and other content; it's simply a visual aid for those who can use it.


See Template:Strong#Optional parameters.