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Hello Pala, thanks for your message, I hope that you are doing fine. I wish you a happy new year! Thanks for your availability. The project is having as many videos as possible from wikipedians speaking their native language and wishing "bon aniversari" and/or "per molts anys" (for many years) at the end of the message. The message can be a short introduction of yourself in Turkish (I think it's your native language) and then your relationship with the Wikipedia probably or something about the links between the Catalans and the Turkish people or anything creative; having some monument or something specifically Turkish in the background would probably be a plus. The video mustn't be longer than 15 seconds with the Catalan greetings; it has to be filmed horizontally and have a good quality. It would be great to have your text too in case we prepare subtitles eventually. You can send it around February 15th (it can be a bit later if you don't have much spare time) at
Thanks a lot, take real care, especially during these tough times. Hope to hear from you soon! Have a great week! Una abraçada! Claudi/[[Usuari:Capsot|Capsot]] ([[Usuari Discussió:Capsot|disc.]]) 23:39, 11 feb 2021 (CET)
== Damla Sönmez ==
Dear Pala, I made a short article for [[Damla Sönmez]] and [[Usuari:Metralleta95|Metralleta]] kindly revised it for me and arranged the sources; but I understand could not do the first two of them. You know I'm a total ignorant in this area, would you mind giving us a hand (un cop de mà) at this? Moltes gràcies anticipades, amic. Gràcies a tu tambe, Metralleta. Salutacions a ambdos. --[[Usuari:E4024|E4024]] ([[Usuari Discussió:E4024|disc.]]) 01:39, 20 feb 2021 (CET)