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I don't know what Nymfe in your language means.

Please note that the current set of interwiki links CANNOT be correct.

The French word "Nymphe" is mostly equivalent to the English word "Pupa" The English word "Nymph" is mostly equivalent to the French word "Larve"

The French use the word "Larve" for ANY juvenile stage - hemimetabole or holometabole regardless

Note that the image "Cetoine_global.jpg" (showing the pupa of a beetle) currently in use is a "Nymphe" in the French sense of the word only, NOT in the English sense. In English it would be a good image for the article on "Pupa"

Please decide if your article on Nymfe should link to the English "Nymph" OR to the French "Nymphe" and restore the interwiki accordingly


Hi Catalan wiki,

First of all, please excuse me for writing in English - I don't speak/write Catalan and my Spanish is a tad rusty.

Your current article, what I can make of it, is somewhat confusing.

First you state that you use the word Nimfa for 'hemimetabolous insects and only for the stage between larva and imago.

In this situation a Hemiptera or Orthoptera or some such would have the following stages:

Egg - Larva1 - Larva2 - Larva3 - etc - Nymph - Imago

If that is correct, your conotation of the word Nimfa is NOT equal to the English and at the same time NOT equal to the French meaning either.

'BUT you go on the talk about Nimfa in connection with Butterflies and other holometabolous insects and you have added an image of the Pupa of an Cetonia beetle.

So which is it?:

  • All juvenile stages in hemimetabolous insects? (English and Spanish equivalent)
  • Intermediate between larva and imago in HEMImetabolous insects (different from other languages)
  • Intermediate between larva and imago in (some) HOLOmetabolous insects (French equivalent)

Please make an informed decision and set interwikis accordingly

Update: Three versions of usage are identified (up to now):

  • "English" ALL juvenile stages between egg and imago in HEMImetabolous insects
  • "Italian" Intermediate stage (last stage only) between "larva" and imago in HEMImetabolous insects. Equivalent of last "nymph" stage ONLY in "English" version)
  • "French" : Intermediate stage (1) between larva and imago in some HOLOmetabolous insects

I will try to compile a list of good interwikis for the various conotations on the English Talk Page, please feel free to add/discuss your views there.

Is your conotation the equivalent of the "Italian" maybe? (discussió) 15:10, 14 oct 2012 (CEST)

Cheers, Arp

D'acord amb en Arp. Referències:
Sembla clar que el que està malament a l'article és la primera frase que parla dels insectes hemimetàbols. Miro de canviar-la.--Pere prlpz (disc.) 19:21, 30 abr 2015 (CEST)
Acabo de trobar http://www.enciclopedia.cat/EC-GEC-0196472.xml , que embolica la troca, perquè diu "insectes hemimetàbols" però el que descriu és un organisme que no menja ni es mou, i que sembla per tant que estigui parlant d'una metamorfosi completa.
A més, el nostre article Hemimetabolisme també embolica una mica amb l'ús del terme nimfa.--Pere prlpz (disc.) 19:27, 30 abr 2015 (CEST)
Torna a l'article "Nimfa (biologia)".