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During the first wave of punk, roughly spanning 1974–1978, acts such as [[Sex Pistols]], [[The Clash]], [[Ramones]], [[Patti Smith]], [[The Saints (band)|The Saints]] and [[The Damned (band)|The Damned]] began to challenge the current styles and conventions of rock music by stripping the musical structure down to a few basic chords and progressions with an emphasis on speed.
Classic examples of post-punk outfits include [[Wire (band)|Wire]], [[The Sisters of Mercy]], [[Siouxsie and the Banshees]], [[Magazine (band)|Magazine]], [[Public Image Ltd]], [[The Fall (band)|The Fall]], [[Joy Division]], [[Subway Sect]], [[Neu Electrikk]], [[Gang of Four (band)|Gang of Four]], [[New Order]], [[The Teardrop Explodes]], [[The Sound]], [[U2]], [[Echo & the Bunnymen]], [[The Birthday Party (band)|The Birthday Party]], [[The Psychedelic Furs]], [[The Lords of the New Church]], [[Killing Joke]], [[The Cure (música)|The Cure]], [[Bauhaus (band)|Bauhaus]], [[Devo]], [[The Jesus and Mary Chain]], and [[Crass]]. Several bands formed in the wake of traditional punk rock groups: Magazine was formed by [[Howard Devoto]], formerly of [[Buzzcocks]], for instance, and Public Image Ltd derived from the Sex Pistols. A list of predecessors to the post-punk genre of music might include [[Television (band)|Television]], whose album ''[[Marquee Moon]]'', although released in 1977 (and recorded in 1976) at the height of punk, is universally considered post-punk in style. Other groups, such as The Clash, remained predominantly punk in nature, yet were inspired by the experimentalism of post-punk, most notably in their album ''[[Sandinista!]]''.
Championed by late night [[BBC]] [[disc jockey|DJ]] [[John Peel]] and record label/shop [[Rough Trade Records|Rough Trade]] (amongst others, including [[Postcard Records]], [[Factory Records]], [[4AD|Axis/4AD]], [[Falling A Records]], [[Industrial Records]], [[Fast Product]], and [[Mute Records]]), "post-punk" could arguably be said to encompass many diverse groups and musicians.