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A Turquia hi ha també els '''Hopa Hemshinli''' (també anomenats ocasionalment com '''Hemshinli orientals''' a algunes publicaciones) que són musulmans sunnites d'origen i cultura armènia que es van convertir a l'islam durant la dominació otomana o anteriorment, i viuen principalment als comtats de Hopa i Borçka counties de la província turca [[Artvin]]. A més de turc, parlen un dialecte del [[armeni occidental]] que ells anomenen «''Homshetsma''» o «Hemşince» en turc.<ref>Ibit, Uwe Blasing, "Armenian in the vocabulary and culture of the Turkish Hemshinli".</ref>
===OtherAltres Armeniansarmenis===
====[[HiddenArmenis Armeniansocults|Crypto ArmeniansCripto-armenis]]====
Hidden Armenians or crypto-Armenians<ref>{{cite news|last=Ziflioğlu|first=Vercihan|title=Hidden Armenians in Turkey expose their identities|url=http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/default.aspx?pageid=438&n=hidden-armenians-in-turkey-expose-their-identities-2011-06-24|accessdate=13 November 2013|newspaper=[[Hürriyet Daily News]]|date=24 June 2011}}</ref> is an [[umbrella term]] to describe people in Turkey "of full or partial ethnic Armenian origin who generally conceal their Armenian identity from wider Turkish society."<ref>{{cite news|last=Ziflioğlu|first=Vercihan|title='Elective courses may be ice-breaker for all'|url=http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/elective-courses-may-be-ice-breaker-for-all.aspx?pageID=238&nid=23512|accessdate=24 June 2013|newspaper=[[Hürriyet Daily News]]|date=19 June 2012}}</ref> They are descendants of Armenians in Turkey who were [[Islamized]] and either [[Kurdified]] or [[Turkified]] under the threat of either death, displacement, loss of property or a combination of those during the [[Armenian Genocide]].<ref name="noravank">{{cite web|last=Khanlaryan|first=Karen|title=The Armenian ethnoreligious elements in the Western Armenia|url=http://www.noravank.am/eng/issues/detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=3724|publisher=[[Noravank Foundation]]|accessdate=16 June 2013|date=29 September 2005}}</ref>
Ways in which they were converted included orphans being taken in by Muslim families, Armenian women being taken as wives by soldiers, and entire families converting by joining communities that accepted them. The latter option is said to of happened en masse in the Province of Dersim([[Tunceli]]).