Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt (nom complet Marcia Virginia Hunt; 17 d'octubre de 1917) és una actriu i activista progressista (es va oposar a la cacera de bruixes del senador Mac Carty) estatunidenca.

Infotaula de personaMarsha Hunt
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Naixement17 octubre 1917 Modifica el valor a Wikidata (103 anys)
Chicago (Illinois) Modifica el valor a Wikidata
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FormacióHorace Mann School Modifica el valor a Wikidata
OcupacióActriu, actriu de teatre, actriu de televisió i actriu de cinema Modifica el valor a Wikidata
Activitat1935 Modifica el valor a Wikidata –
PartitPartit Demòcrata dels Estats Units Modifica el valor a Wikidata
CònjugeJerry Hopper (1938–1945) Modifica el valor a Wikidata
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Any Títol Paper
1935 The Virginia Judge Mary Lee Calvert
1936 The Arizona Raiders Harriett Lindsay
The Accusing Finger Claire Patterson
College Holiday Sylvia Smith
Easy to Take Donna Westlake
Gentle Julia Julia Atwater
Desert Gold Judith Belding
Hollywood Boulevard Patricia Blakeford
1937 Annapolis Salute Julia Clemens
Born to the West Judy Worstall
Thunder Trail Amy Morgan
Murder Goes to College Nora Barry
Easy Living Girl
1938 Come On, Leathernecks! Valerie Taylor
1939 These Glamour Girls Betty Ainsbridge
Star Reporter Barbara Burnette
Winter Carnival Lucy Morgan
Long Shot Martha Sharon
Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President Kitty Crusper
The Hardys Ride High Susan Bowen
1940 Irene Eleanor Worth
Flight Command Claire
Pride and Prejudice Mary Bennet
Ellery Queen, Master Detective Barbara Braun
1941 I'll Wait for You Pauline Miller
Blossoms in the Dust Charlotte
Unholy Partners Gail Fenton
The Trial of Mary Dugan Agatha Hall
Cheers for Miss Bishop Hope Thompson
The Penalty Katherine Logan
1942 Kid Glove Killer Jane Mitchell
The Affairs of Martha Martha Lindstrom
Panama Hattie Leila Tree
Joe Smith, American Mary Smith
Seven Sweethearts Regina Van Maaster
1943 Cry 'Havoc' Flo Norris
Lost Angel Katie Mallory
The Human Comedy Diana Steed
Pilot ♯5 Freddie Andrews
Thousands Cheer Marsha Hunt (herself)
1944 Bride by Mistake Sylvia Lockwood
None Shall Escape Marja Pacierkowski
Music for Millions Rosalind
1945 The Valley of Decision Constance Scott
1946 A Letter for Evie Evie O'Connor
1947 Carnegie Hall Nora Ryan
Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman Martha Gray
1948 Raw Deal Ann Martin
The Inside Story Francine Taylor
1949 Mary Ryan, Detective Mary Ryan
Take One False Step Martha Wier
Jigsaw Mrs. Hartley's Secretary (uncredited)
1952 The Happy Time Susan Bonnard
Actor's and Sin Marcia Tillayou
1954 Diplomatic Passport Judy Anderson
1955 A Word to the Wives (short) Alice
1956 No Place to Hide Anne Dobson
1957 Back from the Dead Kate Hazelton
Bombers B-52 Edith Brennan
Legend of the Lost (uncredited)
1959 Blue Denim Jessie Bartley
1960 The Plunderers Katie Miller
1969 Fear No Evil Mrs. Varney
1971 Johnny Got His Gun Joe's mother
2006 Chloe's Prayer Elizabeth Lyons
2008 The Grand Inquisitor (short) Hazel Reedy



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